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Surfing blog sometimes takes me to young people writing. Well, younger than me. People in college, people in school(!). Besides, needless to say, making me feel old (yes, which I am not), it makes me a bit envious. Not of their youth, or their time in life, but the fact that they have blogs.
Let me explain. When I was in school and then in college, I wrote a diary, a fair bit. There were actually diaries, proper books with dates and limited space (though sometimes just blank books so I could write as much as I pleased and not be constrained by a page). My commitment to this outpouring of angst- as it mostly, inevitably was- was such that I would even write on napkins from cheap bars where I got drunk, scraps of paper salvaged in friends’ houses where I crashed, and the solitary college notebook/register (almost the only use it ever was to me).

These writings would have been quite bloody entertaining for others (as friends who found a sheet I had passed out next to will never let me forget), even if often at my expense. They might not have been very different or unique, but I suspect they would have made for a pretty interesting, crazy blog. But, that was not to be, so I should focus on writing other momentous and exciting material.
Don’t hold your breath, though.

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