The Great Blue

I can see a new me here, a new life. Today, it goes something like this.

Wake up. Gentle sunlight is starting to venture into my room, for I left the curtains at the big glass doors undrawn. If I listen hard, I can hear the gentle lapping of the waves. I wake up, sprightly, open the door and look out at the vast, brilliant blueness below and beyond me. Freshly squeezed apple juice. A run on the sand; my body still aches from the bushwalk two days ago. Today I am listening to Voices, which I haven’t heard since listening to it everyday for the first two weeks I was here.

Today, after 2 months of being here, I am supposed discover something for myself. No guidance, no suggestions. Two hours later, after diving into my pool at the Blue Pearl home, to clean it of that solitary leaf floating about, I am on the buggy. My backpack has my camera (not to self- please take less photos!), a handycam, the iPod, my notebook, and a liter of an isotonic drink and another big bottle of 50spf sunscreen. D has decided to stay back today, nursing a bruise from yesterday’s sailing experiment. Hamilton Island, here I come. What have you got for me today, that I can blog about for hundreds to read? I know the video diary from today, already- there is a tree I have been meaning to climb, that hangs out spectacularly over the Great Barrier Reef.

But I won’t tire myself out too much. Tomorrow, I have volunteered for the Aerial Postal Service. It will be a hard, gorgeous day in the skies and on different islands, but I am a committed worker.

I have possibly the best job in the world.. I am the Caretaker of the Islands, and my life is changing.

What a chance, and what a brilliant idea. Go make that cool resume for the coolest thing around.

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