Like most things, especially in times when we are wary of taking anything at face vale, this story too probably has some sort of a flip side. But it’s a basic, simple, open premise that sees a mosque become a stop for Hindu pilgrims.

And this from here:

The Hindu pilgrims who come to Erumeli on their way to Sabarimalai come here wearing black, are supposed to have their darshan in the Lockambalam (Little temple) and then dance across the road to the Vavar Swamy mosque and enter its premises, dance around the main mosque and then proceed to the main temple down the road some 10 minutes away. Once, when someone talked about Erumeli in Lok Sabha, during the Ayodhya days, many BJP members got agitated and created a ruckus. Make what you will of that.
Just not simple and basic enough for most people around the world to take on, it would seem.

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