In life, I can be fickle and indecisive. I want much- to read it all, listen to it all, write a lot, click a lot, share inane amounts with the world at large, find new things, research, explore, learn, do, think. This greed is not matched by ambition, though. A likely reason why this is not a flourishing blog with expressions of all my ideas and the writing I embark upon. I very often have ten things to write about, draft a couple, but eventually post on an eleventh, or nothing at all.

I am (was?) also slightly schizo, as is evidenced in my many blog lives (most now erstwhile). At Singapore Ahoy I co-exist with eminently my better half, D. We write about our (now not new anymore) life in Singapore, food, beer, whisky, movies, books, the city they have moved to, and miscellaneous ramblings and rants. It’s a bit neglected, but still quietly, happily alive.

While on my travels, I’m greedy about experiences and take an absurdly large number of photos. At Travel Ahoy, there is a fair bit of writing from/on my travels, travel research and my travel pics. And in this blog, I once pontificated many things sport and cricket, which I think a lot about but write much less.

Now, it will all be here. (and some at the D&A joint blog). Opinions, abstract/fiction, rants, ideas, questions, emotions, some po’ms even. Almost whatever I write will be here, at this wonderfully vague place.

I also have the ability to say in 20 words that I can say in 10. Er, you might have glimpsed that already.

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