on editions- IV (the last one)

I suppose if I can lament on all the editions and books of Tolkien I have had / lost / have, I am perfectly entitled to longingly speak of the editions that I would like to have. I mean, it may be long drawn out for you, but it is a logical extension of the thought process, yes?

I think the first time I saw anything besides a ‘normal book’ of Tolkien was when I saw the single volume, fully illustrated, hard back version of LOTR where Alan Lee has wielded his brush.

A good friend’s, I still eye it but less than you would imagine- it’s a great piece but I have never been that excited by Alan Lee. Have always preferred John Howe.
(both gentlemen, by the way, were visual consultants or ‘concept artists’ on the films)

I saw this leather-bound edition of The Hobbit recently, and it is gorgeous.
Sure, the green looks suspect here, but it’s a great edition that I must have at some time- sooner rather than an ambiguous ‘sometime’ which will mean it will go out of print, of course.

I also saw this exquisite LOTR edition(50th anniversary) which I think is even higher priority (and, of course, higher priced, thank you)

This is the sort of stuff you know should adorn your bookshelf.
(get a shelf first, my friend)

Epilogue: Sigh…

on editions- I, II, III

2 thoughts:

Jay Saturday, June 25, 2005  

Omigod girl, that's quite a Tolkien obsession you've got there. I like books as much as the next guy, but most of the time - as long as all the pages are there - I'm perfectly happy with a battered old paperback of anything.

Anonymous Saturday, June 25, 2005  

I like the idea of books on shelves- many knids, many looks...books give character to a home, wall, room....but its actually only Tolkien where I would want such 'collectors pieces'

ps- "Omigod girl".......??

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