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By the time I picked up the Silmarillion I was a loyalist. Except, as many LOTR fans will tell you, that means little in terms of liking the Silmarillion. But this is not a review of the book or anything, so suffice it to say that I loved it. Still do. It brings home the true breadth, scope, magnificence of the man’s creations.

I got it many years ago, before I could seriously start to contemplate buying it. I was gifted it- it had been chanced upon at a second hand book store and was obviously a very old edition. Besides the deepened colour and softness of the pages, though, it was in excellent condition. It was like this

except the cover was a dull blue.

I have since cherished this much, for I have not seen it anywhere else, and that feel of an aged but precious book meant it was close to my heart. Then, another shift happened (the first of two big ones), and- you guessed it-its gone. How do I do this, you’d ask? How can I be so careless with the books I cherish the most? Well, I’d be damned if I know. I can only hope, seeing the pattern of tragedy, that this is Fate. I now have a crisp spanking new copy of this.

Looks neat, feels good, I may even have bought it anyway….but its not the Silmarillion I have always known.

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Unknown Friday, June 17, 2005  

I've got the new Silmarillion. Decent enough, the font size migt be a little too small. but the glossary should've been more extensive and the maps bigger.

Not Applicable Sunday, June 19, 2005  

Can sorta identify with this one. I read (multiple times) 'King Rat' by James Clavell - a prehistoric edition handed down by my mother. Then misplaced it successfully. Bought a new one which was nowhere close to the first one. The print was larger (thus a heavier book!), the familiar parts came on pages on the wrong sides....perhaps turning pages wasn't as much fun.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

. Tuesday, June 21, 2005  

imhunt: do you mean the glossary is shrunk from the original edition?

NA: well put. I never ened up reading Clavell, though a sibling swore by him for soem time.

and, you're most welcome...er, thank you...er, I mean welcome here... um, thank you for your..er, thanks...er...sorry....of course- it is late night. that explains it..

(or does it)

Jabberwock Thursday, June 23, 2005  

I, alas, have a completely characterless dark blue Voyager Classics cover. Melkor take my soul.

Anonymous Thursday, June 23, 2005  

jabberwock: going over to dark side, you are.

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