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been meaning to blog this, but haven't been able to, somehow.
Added this a few days ago to my roll, and whoever's out there, it is definitely worth your while to check out this blog.
The Memoirs of Darth Vader
If you are a Star Wars fan at any level, this is great fun, and well written fun. If you are not, it still makes for a worthwile read.

"Chin up, Lord Vader," my master continued. "The Empire will strike back, and that pitiful pocket of anarchists will be stamped out forever."
"But master, in my son they may have a new hope for the return of the Jedi."
"Enough of this," grunted Darth Sidious, waving his gnarled hand dismissively.
"We will speak of Skywalker when you come before me on Coruscant. Make haste for the core, my servant."
"Yes, my master."
The transmission ended, and I have remained ensconced in my guest chambers aboard Avenger ever since, staring out the port-holes with my hands clasped behind my back, meditating on the shining stars and pin-prick worlds and the unholy voids that separate them.

Just a bit from the latest post. There's some stuff that's far better...and there's lots to read.
Ah, good stuff...good stuff.

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Jay Monday, May 09, 2005  

Thanks for this! I know someone who loves Star Wars and I'll pass it along - he even has a (not updated very often) blog on his life as a Wookie :-p http://awookieslife.blogspot.com

Unknown Friday, May 13, 2005  

yow! Charging my warp drive NOW ... oo er ... not Star Trek, Star WARS -- okay, um -- making the jump to light speeeeeeeed *starlight dopplers ... fade out ...*

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