He started thinking about that dark car with its darker windows looking out at him meaninglessly ,as he had struggled to focus his eyes on them. Then the front door had opened, a leather shoe had begun to step out. A white sleeved hand had appeared, from inside, yanked the boot owner’s body back in. The engine was gunned, but the car still, as if waiting. Then Anion had dropped his head, unable to look on anymore. If he had, he would have seen the car rev as his head dropped, and leave noiselessly, un-dramatically into the inky darkness.

When he finally rose, as if from slumber, he found himself not as seriously injured as he had felt. He could stand, he could see, he could even walk.
So he had walked. All the ten steps to his bike. His half bike, half mangled metal. Dragging it to the side of the road, noticing on the way the pieces of his dark green cellphone. There was, he realized(though we already know this), only inky blackness around him. A distant streetlight was a beacon of normalcy. After walking for 10minutes like that, his foot dragging and the occasional drop of blood missing his soaked shirt and plopping on the road, he did not care. He actually just wanted to slowly lower his body down and go to sleep. He was not delirious, not in terrible pain, not really in shock. He was just really sleepy.

He had slept, then, in his own bed. For 11 hours straight. That was till a couple of hours ago. He had finally awoken when he heard his door being banged on. He could hear Anoo’s frantic voice behind it.

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Anonymous Monday, May 09, 2005  

did he dream the accident?

livinghigh Monday, May 09, 2005  


are u KIDDING me?!


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