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Slow fade in, the beginning of a day. It flickers, like a faulty tube light. A light boy lethargically reaches across and tries to fix it. It still flickers reluctantly, more darkness than light. He nods off again, not budging till his sub conscious kicks in and he is forced to bring brightness into the day.

High speed shots, contrary motion. Atmospheric strains of music unobtrusively emerge, undercurrents to the energy that isn’t there. On-site nourishment; unadvisable caffeine does not let up its stomach burning alertness finding it’s life span shockingly reduced.
Carrying on.

Out focus shot-taking and Gaussian blurs. Green-screen shots- unreal, non existent and eventually invisible backgrounds forming the backdrop. Shift focus, always, to a monitor. The thudding heartbeat sound in the soundtrack is actually in your head. Trudging through, but completing the shot.
Packing and wrapping things up.

Now that, I’d say, is something like what my days have been like.

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livinghigh Saturday, May 07, 2005  

hmmm... sounds like a real party...!

PS; yes, maybe they cud have the stall walls sound proofed. wud help horny couples having sex, too, na?

. Saturday, May 07, 2005  

oh, absolutely...

J. Alfred Prufrock Saturday, May 07, 2005  


I am to be gretphul phore yore kind sentiments aj yu hab espressed in my humbel abode. I remen, Saar,

yorej obeedent


Baat ip yu plij paarmit to aks, hwen aarliar yu saying sem theeng? And hwaai phor yu sigh phor gulab jamun? Ip yu oowanteeng, I send meni meni g-jams ...

. Saturday, May 07, 2005  

I am having previously also recorded my appreciative thoughts about your writing on your waybsite. However, sayntiments are not being dimnished only because they are repeated...yes?

myself not having had said 'g-jam' in many months, being unable to obtain them with ease in current place of residence. maybe effort shall be made soon.

(god, you have prefected that accent written in english!)

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