Inevitable initial IPL ramble-1

Some disparate ramblings on the IPL. These could or could not continue through the tournament :

I loved Day 1. All the brash, confident, super talented young cricketers were shown a lesson or two by the oldies. The lessons were in many things, ranging from simplicity, technique and focus to style, class and sheer genius. Here’s to more of all of that!

Shane Warne. Thank you. It was so worth staying up. Virat Kohli, you cocky little twat.

I just wish they could show me more of Lalit Modi. After all, the brilliant businessman has transformed cricket and given me so much to look (forward) to. I should get to see more of him before the match, at the toss, in between overs, everywhere. Please?

Its been 2 days and I already am sick of the DLF Maximums and the Citi Moments of Success(es?). Some of the commentators are falling over themselves to make sure they say it immediately after a six or wicket, often needing to overlap their colleague's reactions in order to do so. I have already heard “that’s a Citi moment of success if ever there was one” at least three times. I have also heard Ravi Shastri (oh where would we be without him) inadvertently call a DLF Maximum (a six) a Citi Moment of Success instead. There is no success in six, Ravi.

They’re picking a shortlist of 50 young things to be Miss Bollywood South Africa or something (the winner will have a "shot at Bollywood"). But hey, there's no reality show around this?! No heart breaking back stories, touching dreams, tearful exits and loving parents? Bah, you guys, you missed a trick there! I thought you knew all there is to know about milking cricket.

Sitting here I wish I could see Mandira Bedi & Co. Am missing out, I am.

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