the dark side

If you know anything about Dubai, or nothing at all, this will make for a long but absorbing, even engrossing read. It peels off layers from Dubai’s shiny veneer of beauty and comfort; and what it reveals is in equal parts despicable, interesting and, even, sadly unsurprising.

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel it is at least a little one sided- whether this is driven by an agenda or just is, I couldn’t say. It has a fair few insensitive, selfish, self absorbed people; I just wish it would have also told me about the open minded, responsible, aware global citizens I know live there. It would be unfortunate (and a tad surprising) if the writer did not meet any of these; and downright irresponsible if he did and chose not to represent their thoughts.

Nevertheless, none of that can make lies of some of the truths. There is more than enough in there that is serious main course for thought and discussion; and much to leave one a bit uncomfortable.

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