what i see

I see big headlines. They scream out drama, terror, fear. I see facebook updates, those little drops in nobody’s, and everybody’s, oceans. They earnestly proclaim solidarity, sighingly put out their sadness, angrily call for change, hatefully demand revenge. What will we all do after the updates become mundane again?

I see resolve. I don’t now where it will lead. I see defiance in the face of tragedy. It is good. I see hope, though it is not romantic. It is stern, wary, damaged hope. I see jingoism. I turn away. I see normalcy. I am not sure how to look at it, I grapple with fleeting guilt.

I see tears. Pent up tears that come with no warning. Their sudden coming is inexplicable, but they need no explanation. They are clutching, groping tears. They are angry, questioning tears. They are confused, despairing tears. I embrace them.

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