There is a part of me that sometimes feels I have a limited right to anger; to rail against 'the system', 'politicians', 'leaders'. Occasionally the guilt of non involvement rears its head- if I don't do anything, say anything, participate in anything, how much of a right do I have to expect and demand?
Today I am sickened by some of the unabashed political opportunism I see in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. What was the BJP doing about preventing extremist crime in the previous decade? They were busy laying the seeds for violence through their divisive politics. Yet today they could well come to power based largely on their projected ability to tackle ‘terror’.

But this is not a tirade against Advani & Co. Its just a minor outpouring of guilt. Considering I have never (that's right- never) voted, I might as well say I asked for it. I'm a virtual non entity. I'm not being naïve enough to say that politicians will come and go on the preferences of people like me. Nor does this apparent apathy imply a lack of concern or a diluted sense of belonging. But I wonder how I need to step up a bit, feel more like I am putting in attention and effort that deserves something in return.

Till then, I can keep spouting cliches and writing blog posts.

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Jay Wednesday, December 03, 2008  

Wow. Very nice thought. I like the way you are expressing your pull back. So true. Most of us never contribute directly to the system in the form of something as simple as just voting and we have loads of expectations.

Guilty, yes. Me too.

shakester Thursday, December 04, 2008  

thanks trailblazer. I guess we need to let these things affect us deeply enough to be moved to change.
lets see how things pan out.

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