the road

I said my goodbyes, and walked wearily but cheerily to my bike. I was on the roads then- dark, empty-late-at-night, wide Delhi roads slick with a rain that had just passed, leaving everything washed and shiny. And slippery.
I pushed at my wrist, and the bike went faster. Soon I was speeding- more than I could expect myself to, normally, and smiling. I was wearing a helmet without a visor, also unusual, grinning into the nippy night breeze and at the reflective roads I was whizzing on. Then I hit something. I have no idea what. I knew clearly, almost too clearly, that my bike and I had flown into the air. Flown high, high up- me even higher than the bike. I was looking down below my bike gliding below me in the silence, and the road glistening way down below it.
I was looking, calmly, but it was the merest fraction of a second; then I closed my eyes. I might even have smiled, as my trajectory took me long and high- for an illogically long time. I closed my eyes because I figured there was little point in freaking out. I closed my eyes because it felt soothing, but then I had a flash- I saw my teeth shattering on impact, and I found my hand rising to cover my vain mouth. It would be soon now, very soon that the crunch of a human form would break the quiet of this night.
Then I woke up.

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Michail Friday, February 03, 2006  

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Penny Lane Sunday, February 05, 2006  

I've had more bike accidents than I care to remember... And I was excited when I first got my bike too... I think my first one was one week after getting the damn thing! Stupid Bajaj Spirit!!!

babelfish Monday, February 06, 2006  


Unknown Sunday, December 09, 2007  

my heart skipped a beat

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