His eyes shone like a child's as he strode toward me. I couldn't help but look, though he may have thought it weird if he had noticed. So immersed in his thoughts was he, he didn't even realise. His face smiled without really doing so, and even his hair had the bounce of a shampoo commercial. In fact his entire gait seemed almost to be shot on hi-speed, though he knew it not. He passed me by, but my my gaze remained, transfixed- though now it moved to his body. The upright shoulders, full of purpose (or happy lack of it?), the scant stomach tucked in, and the legs. It was his strides that captivated me the most- bouncing along like a 4 year old, but not skipping foolishly. Then, his hands. His hands swung by him, then spread out in a wide embrace to the world and came down to meet each other in what sounds like a silly clap but was a beautiful signal of his buoyant mood.

14 thoughts:

Citrus Thursday, July 14, 2005  

the telling.got me there.

Jay Thursday, July 14, 2005  

LOL I didn't mean to keep silent about the boy-or-girl thing - to be honest I totally forgot that I even asked you about it!

It's no comment on your writing, but I've always assumed that you were female :)

Anonymous Thursday, July 14, 2005  

I suppose that is some sort of comment, even if unwitting ....
hmmm this is interesting. why would you think I am female.....

Anonymous Thursday, July 14, 2005  

citrus: ummm....thank you...?

Jay Thursday, July 14, 2005  

I honestly don't know! I suppose if I HAD to analyse it, it's because your posts tend to be a little more dreamy and abstract than guys' blogs usually are.


Rat Thursday, July 14, 2005  

Jay you were not the only one. I thought so too till vAgue clarified it :)

Anonymous Friday, July 15, 2005  

I have no idea what to say...

Citrus Friday, July 15, 2005  

i'm sorry about the vagueness ,your post creates a sort of nice feeling and i couldn't find the words to say so.

[not so relevant extra information]
i always thought you were a man. sort of in between and if the inbetween is close enough to centre i'd venture out enough to say balanced. balanced man. ha :)

Jay Friday, July 15, 2005  

You're a SNAG! That would be a Sensitive New Age Man. Not such a bad thing, no?

Anonymous Friday, July 15, 2005  

um, citrus, how can you apologise for vagueness on this site? :)
your 'in between' phrase kinda got me (a man, but "in between" is scary), but I think I got the gist...

SNAG, huh, jay? ok, havent heard that one before. No, not such a bad thing at all...

Citrus Friday, July 15, 2005  

how unexpected, stereotypicalness from you... and yes i noticed the irony of using vagueness; i neglected to insert [not that it should matter on this blog :)]

Citrus Friday, July 15, 2005  

in between: you don't seem the iron pumping, find me a war sort of person. but not the sissy type either. sort of like you wouldn't pick a fight, but you wouldn't back away from either.

[how perfect i make you sound :)]

Laura Castelino Saturday, July 16, 2005  

laughs at citrus* you do make vague sound ideal.smart and strong, and a touch metrosexual don't you think?
I shall refrain from joining the gender debate =D

Vague- It was an observation excellently put.

Anonymous Saturday, July 16, 2005  

citrus: *vAgue bows and vows not to get carried away*

agony aunt: why, thank you. Snag, metrosexual....these terms get me all muddled i tell you...

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