not a good idea

It was obvious this one time at work today that my enthusiasm was not exactly being reciprocated. If anything, my exuberance (now don’t go asking why I was peppy thus) felt like it was as effective in being infectious, as ice cold water is in keeping an aroused person…well, aroused. Or something like that…
And in that state of bemused (almost amused?) haplessness, this is what I scrawled.

You’re tired
I am wired
You’re jaded
& a bit faded
I’m rushing
& animatedly gushing
you’re switched off
I’m getting off
on this stuff…..
where is this pulling
stretching work to?

Thus prompting to me to contemplate that poetry at work is not recommended (even if happily ludicrous enough to share here?) ; and 'contemplate' because at times before I have managed better efforts)

2 thoughts:

Rat Saturday, July 02, 2005  

Hey its not bad :)

Anonymous Saturday, July 02, 2005  

oh well, rat:)
Just don't take this as indicative of me writing...:)

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