Modern life?

I am on the way to office.

A boy skips zig zag on the pavement. He turns and grins at his father as they walk to school. I smile and remind myself about the fundamental cheeriness of children and how there is so much to learn from it. 

Phil Collins’ Another Day In Paradise comes on in my Daily Mix playlist. I almost skip the song but don’t. It plays while I read Facebook posts about the citizenship issue in India. There is bigotry and xenophobia and long-festering communal agendas, and emotional posts about the idea of India and Hitler and patriotism and cobras and the British. Greta Thunbgerg is Time person of the year, and there are probably more cynical voices about it than number of copies the magazine prints.

The cliched song, the familiar emotional rants, the consistent patriotic sadness. The cheer I just told myself to learn from has faded away, and its only been a matter of minutes.

Its one of those days I want to write all day, but I will now open my email and another Power point deck, and all will be same and well again.

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