Looking to Mohali

Ok. It’s a World Cup semi final against Pakistan. It’s not f’n war! It’s not about history or Prime Ministers or soldiers or bureaucrats.

Having said that, it’s a WORLD CUP SEMI FINAL. Against PAKISTAN.

Some points that I don’t quite know why I am trying to make:

  1. To self: it’s going to be tense. Deal with it.

  2. To team and fate: PLEASE, please bat first.

  3. Talk rationally. Or emotionally. Or both. But don’t joke. Nothing’s funny on Wednesday, I can tell you that right now. No, not even Munaf Patel.

  4. I understand that booing is part of sport. I don’t agree with it but I accept it. I cringed a few times when Ponting was booed. But that was Ricky. To Mohali: Please don’t boo the Big Green Men on Wednesday. That will not be cool.

  5. I can’t watch it in a pub. Scars from 2003 remain. Also, I don’t want to watch it in a pub.

  6. Don’t expect ANY work to get done.

  7. I am struggling to think about the match. What is at stake and potential after-effects derail any normal thought processes that begin.

  8. To Mohali: back the team. Cheer when it’s tough, not only for runs and wickets. Focus on the game.

  9. Don’t. Give Up.

  10. To everyone: Don’t get tense. Ignore me in point #1.

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