you know how it is sometimes when you open a bottle of whisky, and then when you pour your drink into the glass ... instead of seeing the dark gold splash onto the glass, you see it gush into a big cylindrical puddle...because you didn’t realise there wasn't a tap on the damn bottle.

Then, because its your third drink and you couldnt be bothered with getting another glass and making things more sane, you just add your soda and drink it anyway, you wonder if it might symbolise something a little bigger. Like letting go even though you don’t want to, or venting what’s inside unwittingly, or your madness spurting out, or splurging when you shouldnt, or something bigger like letting life take its course without being too controlling, letting things happen of their own accord without being worried about them being part of the norm...Or how this whole thought process coupled with (sparked by) a physical/spirit gush would make for an interesting scene in a movie...

Then , the next thing you know, that drink is half over and you have already typed out words in much the same way that whisky gushed out.

* Chivas you stupid shit of a premium whisky, get a tap!
** This belongs here but it also belongs here, so I feel bad I am not posting there; but neither do I want to make a habit of cross-posting (habit and 'posting' in the same sentence, ha!), so I just thought I would mention it...

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