Lanta Trip details

Some details & costs from our trip to Lanta last month. More about the trip and a few photos in this post.

Stay at Casa Brazil, Karon beach / 650B/night, no breakfast http://phukethomestay.com/
Taxi from Airport to Karon : 550B
Taxi from Karon to airport (pre booked) : 700B
Rent a scooter : 200B (leave your passport and sign a form)
Ferry Phuket_Ko Lanta return fare : 1600B/person
(includes pickup from Phuket hotel and drop to Lanta hotel, as well as drop off to phuket hotel on the return)

Stay at Nautilus Resort, Pra Ae (Long Beach) / 700B/night, no breakfast http://www.nautilusresort.net/Home.html
Free pickup from Pier
Scooter rent (no passport, forms or anything!) : 200B/24hr
Big Chang beer bottle: 70B-100B
Small Chang beer bottle in 7-11: 30B
Green/Red Curry etc : 90-150B

Beaches visited :
Long Beach (where we stayed) : nice beach, quiet, not great for swimming (rocky)
Kantiang Bay : A british paper once called it the best beach in Thailand. Thats quite a claim, and I find it to be an overstatement. Small, cosy, peaceful. The water is not as stunning as other places in Thailand though.
Nui beach: 10min hike down the hill after parking your scooter. Isolated, no shacks, hotels or shops, no nothing. After two local finished their fishing in one corner of the beach and left, it was just the two of us. Sweeeet-uh.
Klong Nin Beach. A bit of a Goa vibe, fair few bars with the reggae or Jack Johnson vibe, cushions and beer and a ‘come, lie here and do nothing’ feel. Would think of staying here if I went back?

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