Miss, Please Can I Go To The Toilet?

Here's an intimate little piece on Dibakar Bannerjee waiting to see how the Big People With Cinematic Scissors would react to his film.

The regional chief of the Censor Board was ready to see the director and the producer. Banerjee walked up the building staircase to a charming screening room of horrors. The chief sat in the middle seat on the top row. His Censor Board colleagues included a lady in a burkha and a man in a grey-brown safari suit. Banerjee and his producer walked halfway down, between the seats, and turned to face him, like subjects would face a king.
The amazing thing is, that a filmmaker has to ask for concessions even to get his film rated 'A'. How unbelievable is that- someone has to regulate what even people who are adults can or cannot watch? I could own a farmhouse, guzzle scotch, buy tickets to watch cheerleaders shake their thang, produce frickin' babies for heavens sake. Think about it- its ok (even bloody recommended) for me to create life and be responsible for it. But I still can't decide if I want watch a movie that might be opinionated or have nudity.

Go screw yourself.

hat tip: IC

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