Stumbled upon this short piece: Guts by Chuck Palahniuk. Its not for the faint hearted or squeamish, but its sickly brilliant. Sample this, though I am being kind with the extract. You have been warned.

Looking back, kid-psych experts, school counselors now say that most of the
last peak in teen suicide was kids trying to choke while they beat off. Their
folks would find them, a towel twisted around the kid's neck, the towel tied to
the rod in their bedroom closet, the kid dead. Dead sperm everywhere. Of course
the folks cleaned up. They put some pants on their kid. They made it look…
better. Intentional at least. The regular kind of sad, teen suicide.

update : Palahniuk personally knows of 67 people who have fainted during readings of this story. I think a reading might be a very different thing to handle than reading it yourself. Not necessarily tougher, but quite different in how intense it might be. Last night, I read this on my iPhone in bed. I thought I was starting a very short piece that would last till my eyes shut. Minutes later I was riveted. Some time more, and I realised I was reading it with my eyes wide open in absorbed disgust and amazement.

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