What is it that you want?

Shaken by the madness, stirred by the rush, bitten by the high, you look for a normalcy that just chugs you along. Yet, consumed by the memory, you crave for the crazy. You want the usual to be locked away, for at least a while.

You suspect that to deal with this you dont so much want the normal to be, but the abnormal to thrive. Every little thing that signals the usual, every little nudge that pushes you to sanity seems to you like a step toward the mundane. And you want the buzz of the different.

You look back on that trip- for that is what it was, wasn't it? You look back on it and wonder if it's worth it, worth the emptiness of the crash that inevitably follows. And your churning insides reply, "I don't care".

"Today I don't want to think about tomorrow. I want to live, feel, do... now. I don't want normalcy. Bring me that madness, and I will gladly and foolishly accept it."

Does that answer your question?

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