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Yesterday,Feb 21, in Bengaluru airport. I thought I would do the '25 things' thingy on FB (finally), but this happened:

Instead, I'll do 25 15 20 21 things about now.

1. I am in an airport
2. I'm writing (not smoothly) with a pen, in a notebook that's proving to be flimsy
3. I spent the last ten minutes writing'25' in 4 different ways.
4. A rather large man is eating biryani next to me while his wiofe looked on oddly, and has now joined him.
5. I am listening to the Dev D soundtrack. I like it.
6. I love my iPod.
7. Charu Sharma was having coffee here a while ago.
8. My hand baggage is 11.5 kilos! Blame it on trying to ensure my suitcase is within 20kgs.
9. My suitcase is 20.5kgs. Blame it, among other things, on two bottles-in-tins of Jim Beam Black.
10. I need to go board my flight in about 5 minutes
11. Bengaluru airport is abouit 40km from my Mum's place.
12. I paid 100 rupees for the rather ordinary Frappe I'm having.
13. I want to continue reading Ubik on the plane but I know I'll probably fall asleep.
14. I know my brother is unstocked. :(
15. Its going to be one helluva week.
16. My mum toldme about a parent in her school who belts her 7 year old dyslexic daughter.
17. Emotional Attyachaar rock version rocks.
18. Predictably, my 'lifetime' Vodafone sim bought last August in Mumbai is completely dead now. The phone doesn't even read the sim card.
19. I'm looking forward to time in Gurgaon tomorrow. Maybe even Bikanerwala.
20. Its going to be ONE HELLUVA week!
21. 21 Feb. Apart but :)

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