Dev D- random thoughts

Some scattered musings on Dev D, which I saw few days back.

We are all sluts. But what a way to say it.

I think part of me went in expecting the movie to careen recklessly from one stylistic indulgence to another (likely a hangover from No Smoking), and I probably even relished the prospect. It didn’t, and just as well.

The Attyachaar song, which starts out as a hilarious and fantastic number, is so much more. It suddenly rips through the film when the rock version bursts through on a shot of Paro, slightly blankly, making love to her husband. Good, that.

Punjab works wonderfully, carrying through arrogance framed against (in some ways clich├ęd, but deftly set up) rural backdrop.

The music at times grabs you by the collar, at times caresses you (if harshly); but always sets a scene in way that indicates a wonderfully moody vision.

Abhay Deol is the arrogant SoB, the selfish loser, the self absorbed user, the cocky charmer, the tripped-out waster, the nothing man, the slut. I liked him in this even more than any of his previous films.

Its edgy, risky, riveting at many levels, and makes statements in more ways than one, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say its seminal.

Amit Trivedi. Good.

I haven’t seen the old Devdas, nor read the story. But what smart reinterpretations of the characters, in particular Chandramukhi. Her story and current situation/environment made for absorbing stuff.

The attention to detail, the art, the locations, the colours, the graffiti, the rooms, the stains on walls, the decaying hotel switches- all bloody wonderful.

Strong women within/despite the framework of unfulfilled, incomplete, even flawed lives.

Not sure I enjoyed The Twilight Players (the hatted trio) too much, but it’s the kind of film and kind of director you want to make those allowances for, somehow.

Am surprised and chuffed this film survived the censor scissors and reached us in the form, thought, visual and language that it did.

Paharganj. Delhi.

The unapologetic comfort with sex and sexuality- whether to highlight it, treat it disdainfully or let it be a mere tool, was refreshing.

I would have liked the final act to play out a bit longer. I felt in some ways it was a bit rushed and fell over itself a little, and in so doing also fell short.

I’d definitely like to watch it again.

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