tipping the scales

He laughs, a throw-the-head-back-and-enjoy-life sort of laugh. He looks by him, at the smile and loveliness. He looks around and sees blue, green, white, orange; dark and light interplay beautifully. He hears contentment. He breathes abundance. And he is scared.

Sometimes there is so much deep happiness in his life, a pang of fear runs through him. It doesn’t doubt the happiness or question its being, but it wonders if everything evens out. If there is meant to be balance, then there must be sadness. Something bad must happen, and so much good has happened, the bad will be cumulatively worse.

This sounds more depressing than it usually is, once put on paper. But sometimes he just wonders if there is something unpleasant lurking around the corner- could he deserve this much joy?

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