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Usually, privileged English-speaking Indians have the tact to be politically correct in their public statements; but in the middle of terror and tragedy, the sense of social self-preservation that keeps them from crassness, disappears. “Go to the Four Seasons and look down from the top floor at the slums around you.”

I read it, and I didn’t know it was by him but I thought this must be Mukul Kesavan. I have found some of the criticism of the English ‘high class’ media reverse snobbery, but this really sums it very well indeed.

Truth be told (and I know this sounds convenient in hindsight), I always found it odd the way they kept talking about the Taj as somewhere people went ‘all the time’. Even today as an 'NRI going back' I don’t visit plush 5/7star hotels for a ‘coffee’. There is no doubt it is iconic, but it isn’t representative. That distinction was presumed non existent.

I saw a segment of We the People he refers to: It had a lot of Pakistan bashing and Simi Garewal, gushing bimbo at the best of times, and hysterical elite at her worst- was looking possessed. Why she was even on that show I don’t know.

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