After having missed it kicking off on TV, we’re through to episode 10 of Season 3 of Heroes. It started well, then got a bit irritating with all the going round in circles and constant & persistent unresolved stuff. I understand the need for TV shows to perpetuate, and their inability- almost by definition- to be as decisive as, say, a film. But to do it ad hoc is just plain frustrating. Given the basic fabric of the show, a lot of impossible and cool stuff happens. But when anything can happen and be ‘plausible’, it becomes self-defeating and uncool. “Oh now that’s happened, big deal, cause anything and everything that can happen seems to be happening just to make the plot carry on.” Also people insisted on behaving like they existed in a vacuum. Nobody bothers to speak to other 'heroes' they have trusted before, nobody asks enough questions, and when they do they accept riddles as answers and carry on ranting, too many people behave irrationally, too many take too much at face value and walk head on into... shit.

But then it began to redeem itself. Episodes 9 & 10 were substantially better, actually furthering the story rather than tying it up in circles. Backgrounds were clarified more, purposes understood a little, agendas shed light on, sides taken, action initiated.

Then the DVD got over and we were left hanging.

Oh well.

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Perakath Friday, December 12, 2008  

Hehe... I know exactly how you feel!

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