what vision?

What am I supposed to think, how am I supposed to react? I can’t begin to know that. Anger that you came and did this in my country, to innocent people? Empathy for the people who are gong through something I cant even start to imagine? Determination to not feel despair?

How not to? Here is something that I simply cannot comprehend. There is nothing in this that I can claim to understand enough to give it a sense of reality in my mind. I have used terms like brainwashed and zealous and fanatical. Here are events that embrace all those, but something else. What, I cannot know. It seems beyond me at the moment to get a grasp of the kind of minds and motivations that so coldly and brazenly take hundreds of innocent lives. It is beyond me to understand what those motivations could be. Not in micro terms, not in the relevance of context and perspective and injustices that you might grow up with. But in a larger picture, the bigger context, what could they hope to achieve? What is it that could be the goal in the far distance, that can be achieved only (and so surely) through such mindless violence, such stark disregard for human life. Indeed, for humanity.

I want to know that goal, but I can’t possibly imagine one that would bestow the remotest sense on these acts.

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