Is it to be blue or red? Must it come crashing down in a frenzied burst of colour and sound, with the beauty of fury? There! There it comes! Bursting through the clouds, its violence splattered with joy. There, now you can picture the eyes, ablaze with passion, announcing its arrival in screeching glory. There, you can see it leaving you breathless and puzzled, exhilarated and enlightened, gasping in its aftermath.

Is it black or white? Must it quietly slip in, in a gentle poke of near-silence, the appeal of subtlety? There! There, is it there? Fading in through the extreme white, in shades of itself, its softness still outlined with power. Yes, there, you can see it now- smiling with quiet confidence, eyes smouldering in ice, saying nothing, knowing it doesn’t need to. There, it is leaving you now, in ponderous raptures, your deep breathing struggling for normalcy, riveted and stupefied, sighing in its wake.

2 thoughts:

rusty Monday, August 22, 2005  

Real life is in colour....whats left beyond the mundane is best expressed in black and white....

. : A : . Tuesday, August 23, 2005  

Both sides offer very different ways of distilling ideas. Nice post.

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