a sieve

Sometimes it feels like my mind is like a sieve.

When I read a story I invariably am drawn in, often get hooked, sometimes so absorbed I read the book at any conceivable chance. When I am reading non fiction- now that's an entirely different case altogether. I read it, I get it, I enjoy it but it seems to pass through my mind like sand through fingers. So though it does not seem so at the time, concentration-in hindsight- seems lacking; attention span, it would seem, has not much longer a span than a goldfish's memory. Yet at other times, it feels like I am absorbing what I read in a more subliminal way, and I shall (as sometimes I do) know it when I need to.

Sometimes it feels like my mind is like a sieve. Sometimes I am not sure.
This really is an art, I tell you.

2 thoughts:

Rat Wednesday, June 15, 2005  

I know what you mean.Its like my regular life comes to a standstill till i finish that book.I sometimes even begin to beleive I am one of the characters myself.

Anonymous Friday, June 17, 2005  

but sometimes you think you're absorbing everything, and you're not sure if in actuality a lot of it is just falling through...

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