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Any idea what a vuvuzela is? The act of piking, then? You surely don’t know what a hobbit is, even if you are a Tolkien fan. And definitely do not ask for a back, sack and crack if you don’t know what it is.
So Collins has added no less than 1500 words to the English language. And if they don’t enrich lives, they might just make some people feel they have a little niche of their own (if they are heteroflexible, that is; though sports leaders must wait to have their 'squeaky bum time' officially recognised- sorry Fergusonji)

And these you probably do know but don’t expect to find in that dusty dictionary in the back shelf.
Accepatably- badmash, chuddee, gora, yaar;
amusingly-kutta, kutti and haraamzada;
inexplicably-auntiji and uncleji and machi chips.

It is all pretty interesting, though, it seems to me, too UK-centric.

And oh, I do not feel like writing what a 'back, sack and crack means' (woe to Beckham for creating it), so look it up yourself.

A hobbit's new anthropological meaning?

"a nickname coined for a very small type of primitive human, Homo floresiensis, following the discovery of remains of eight such people on the island of Flores, Indonesia, in 2004"

Wonder what ol' JRRT would have thought about this one.

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