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Greed begets greed.

I have felt like reading a lot on the Net today (mostly blogs, what else) and that, in turn, has made me feel like writing more. I, myself, have found it strange- I have posted on 'newsy' things today. No venting, no poetry, nothing 'creative'. As such.

Don't you sometimes get the feeling that you need to
a. let yourself read more
b. make yourself read more
because I do get that feeling(s).

Sometimes I find myself too much in a rush to take in all there is- so much so I start skimming over things, not taking my time with them, not letting them take their time with me.

It is the oddest mix of urgency and being relaxed; hast and laze.

4 thoughts:

. : A : . Sunday, June 12, 2005  

Yes, I do get the same feeling sometimes. It is a very strange feeling. You want to take in everything, like a greedy child who keeps eating even after he is full.

. Sunday, June 12, 2005  

More like the child who, faced with the prospect of so many dishes he must enjoy, greedily serves himself with all. In the illusion that he will be able to enjoy them all in the one meal, he leaves the plate with at least a little of most of the helpings remaining there in a mess. A waste.

(here we go with food references again)

Laura Castelino Monday, June 13, 2005  

I can identify with that...hmmm food again? :)

Anonymous Monday, June 13, 2005  

yes, I knew you would notice the food ref, so I pr-eempted it....but heck, I don't mind. I'm a big foodie

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