Am as usual not very sure what to blog about. It is not easy to find the time, easier to miss out on small windows of time , and common to ponder what to write about till the window shuts.

Last night’s dosa was terribly tasty, coming as it was a month from the last, but the vadas were a huge let down. A dry, un-fresh though not stale and onion filled vada can be quite depressing, especially when you are waiting for a fresh, crisp-soft and onion less medu vada.

Yes, I know medu vada is also made with onions, but my idea of one is more like so. Two google searches, and my stomach is rumbling.

To a watering mind...er, mouth, add a big question. What should the new mobile number be? A phone call and loud recitations follow, before the customer service executive hears my decision on another mind boggling topic.

Unfortunately a close fought One-day match tears me away from such crucially decisive writings.

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