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There have been many pounding male hearts in India in the last few years, happily gushing at the thought, look and sometimes the mere mention of her. Beer glasses have been broken, and worse still, beer has been spilt trying to convince others that she is the exquisite gift to mankind.
And while the oohing and aahing, the sighing and dying, and the general being-smitten-ness has realtively abated recently- compared to, say, 6 years ago, many male minds (and bodies) still remain convinced that
she might not be many things, but is the physically one of the closest-to perfect women.

Imagine their consternation at this, and her! What a stunning and, if possible, depressing development in the field of Indian beauty, methinks. (the development is stunning, I am not so sure about the 'developer'). Legions of people believing in uniqueness have been jolted into some sort of quasi Rai-less reality.

Of course, once you read the interview, there is some mollififcation.
Beauty and brains? I think not.
Well, at least not till her 1st year exam results.

postscript- of course, guess
who's discovery she is supposed to be.

2 thoughts:

D Thursday, April 07, 2005  

not exactly fond of ppl who leave behind anonymous comments. would still like to put a name to the "?"

. Thursday, April 07, 2005  

dhammo, am still unsure (another thing) about what my identity should be here so till then, ? is my name here
i guess
i suppose so
I mean...
oh, damnit

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