It is not my wont to write on politics, social ills and the like- at least not blog about them- but I just felt like writing on this today. the Mumbai Marine Drive rape case has been well documented and opined on, and substantially so in the blogosphere. Gut wrenching and sordid, there is little I can do to add to the tale that hasn't already been said.

But this has got me hopping mad. Bad enough they cannot get their asinine minds out of the time warp they have always been stuck in, they now have the audacity- and utter thoughtlessness(or do I mean brainlessness)- to say this about the whole case?
Where there are concerns about a hundred different things, from the girl's recovery to justice and women's safety in general, all they can think of is that the modern (progressive and thus, a blot on our tradition) woman entices the conventional (rooted in orthodoxy and thus truly 'Indian') Indian man?

And what is really unsettling, and always has been, is that these guys make their statements and there are loads of people who agree with them, salute them and support them in their crusade to take India back to a more traditional way of life (i,.e. suck all Indians into the aforementioned sick time warp).
Oh, it's pissing me off again, just writing about it.

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