two days

One day he woke up, and the soft sunlight caressed his mind and body, coaxing a smile and guiding him to a happy day. A picnic in a park, dogs and frisbees and dahi vadas. Family. He noticed the country’s day after their own. Gifts that never could be. He looked on it all gently, wistfully, not sadly, but with a touch of the blues.

Then, in the blink of an eye he woke up again. The sunlight and the gentleness remained, but it was a day for possibilities that never came to be, for knowing him who he never did, for loving him who he could have done, so much more. It was a day of endings, beginning and questions on futility and acceptance. He held close the belief of celebrating the day, but struggled with the reality of melancholy.

He sighed, letting the two days blend into one. He looked up, reached out.

written on/for Jan 26

3 thoughts:

Nicole Friday, January 30, 2009  

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sameer Saturday, January 31, 2009  

vague, good to see you. sameer singh is indeed KOTS. i'm back. :) though this time writing about my business. Mooli's is a fresh healthy Indian fast food chain I am hoping to start in London ... we launch in July hopefully! if you pass through London you must come visit. :D

shakester Saturday, January 31, 2009  

hey sameer, all the best with that! had gone through your blog on the research you were doing, hope its a ripping success:)

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